New ideas to feel the smooth glossy magic?

I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy the sexy feel of female glossy magazines. Any suggestions would be really appreciated… I’m incredibly open minded and I’ve done about all I can think of with magazine’s. From having a warm bath and a dozen mags to rolling them up and having my girlfriend fuck me […]

Lockdown funtime! Geared up for a fun session 😘

I’ve been meaning to dress for a while and get some of my magazine collection out. I’m currently sat laid with my magazines and in front of me stands a magnificent cock that I’m going to ride whilst flicking through and pressing some lovely glossy magazines against my PVC cladded skin 😍

Having a sexy Sunday! With the help of my girlfriend xx

My lovely girlfriend has bought me some sexy lingerie from Ann Summers whilst out shopping with her friends, also on the way home she noticed her friend had a bag of used magqzines on her back seat, just so happens they were for the recyling bin. My partner, thinking of me said “she’ll take them” […]