Anyone in Australia?

Just wondering if there was anyone here living in Australia who would like to meet up? I am in Adelaide but could potentially travel. Inbox me if interested

Madame Figaro

Just wondering if anyone here buys Madame Figaro? They seem to frequently have hot covers. Is it very glossy/smell good?

This is Tiffany

Has anyone come across this magazine? I presume it’s basically a Tiffany and Co catalogue but this cover makes me quite hard and I am very tempted…

Marie Claire UK

Sad to hear that this title folded before I ever got a chance to pick up a copy. But of course there’s dozens of back issues on eBay. Some amazing covers. Can anyone recommend specific issues? There’s just too many to choose from!

Eiza Gonzalez

just bought these honeys from eBay… looking forward to a good time 😍😍😍

Bridal magazines

hi everyone looking for recommendations for sexy bridal magazines xx

US magazines

travelling to the USA in a few weeks, will be staying alone…can anyone recommend some nice recent issues of US magazines that I can spend some quality time with? Thanks 😉

European magazine recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for good European magazines. I’m a bit bored of US/British/Australian magazines. I got an issue of Vogue Spain recently and I loved it. What else do you guys love? For me, glossiness and smell are very important.  

How long can you last?

Just wondering how long you guys can last without touching yourself when you read a magazine? I always have the intention to read from cover to cover and savour everything but usually I can barely get past the first bunch of ads before I have to reach for my cock…usually someone like Keira Knightley for […]