Sep 152016

I like to repeat to all of you that i would like to join with skype or whatever media to play together I have a lot of mags and I am very horny to play together !! My skype name ftorfs and I am on CET – brussels time  

Jul 242016
No The House Is Not On Fire !

Hi all. When was young maybe ten or so. I use to remove my mother’s old fashion magazines from the garbage. I would clean them off the best I could and save them. Nothing wrong with that, they were in the trash anyway. One night when the family was asleep, I took all my fashion […]

Jun 272016

I spoke to a woman who sells old used shoes for foot fetishsits and asked if she would consider her old magazines being sold, she has now listed a bunch that she read while at the salon and asked if she could take home 🙂 eBay item number: 231991037856 then look at her other items, I […]

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Jun 202016

Hey to all. It was a pleasure for me when I found this site on the internet. I’m always on the search to find my magazinefetish. 🙂 this is my first post, but I want to show you some good links. Hopefully it works. Watch to the end. They will read some glossy.   […]

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Jun 112016

Hi my fellows. If someone have pictures of the brittish magazines OK! & Closer, please post them or send them to me. I think they are soo sexy compared to other gossipmagazines! I hope you can help 🙂   BXV

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May 092016
Fashion Magazines Soup

This other day I filled my tub with warm water, brought about 15 Vogues, Marie Claires and others of my glossy fashion magazines collection, and plunged in together with them – I was having a magazines soup ! I spread them all over my wet body and my face. Then I started rubbing my dick […]

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