Water And Fashion Magazines

Does anyone enjoy putting water on glossy magazines? Or maybe putting a magazine under water for a short time and then playing with it?

Destroying Fashion Magazines

Go to youtube and check out Destroying A Fashion Magazine and Destroying A Vogue Magazine. I love to abuse fashion magazines when I’m finished with then. And sometimes even sooner! Thanks

Two Thick Vogues

  I’m going to keep only one of them. The other I will sacrifice to the fashion magazine Gods. I’ll abuse it,crumple it, mess it up, rip and tear it up, and kill it !  What do you think?

New Vogue Magazines, FUN

  There’s something about new fresh Vogue magazines, thick and large format! I’ll be having some fun soon.

No The House Is Not On Fire !

Hi all. When was young maybe ten or so. I use to remove my mother’s old fashion magazines from the garbage. I would clean them off the best I could and save them. Nothing wrong with that, they were in the trash anyway. One night when the family was asleep, I took all my fashion […]