Watch Lindsay read!

Hey guys! Piggybacking on the post below about videos of women reading magazines. I mentioned in the comments that I have been doing various videos for you gentlemen from here. And you have been keeping me busy! UPDATE: I have added a couple of videos into my media tab. Also! If you are definitely interested, […]

Sunsets and Fashion mags

Not much to say other than what you see. I spent a lot of time this weekend making time for some ‘Me Time’

Just a Girl and her Magazines

Hey lovely magazine lovers! I’m stopping by to say hello ❤ and share a couple pictures from some customs pictures a fellow member asked me to do Lately I’ve been feeling some nostalgia and digging back into my collection at my older Vogues, and a lot of times reading up on issues that were published […]

Tip of the Iceberg

Hey guys! Ive been requested to post some of my collection, and include some of my heels. Not sure if everyone has seen my instagram, so here are two of my favourite pairs at the moment! Had a request to show my Cosmo and Womens Health issues…..and this is just SOME of them.  I subscribe […]