Femme Actuelle Question

So I have an inquiring question. I have been seeing more and more Femme Actuelle Magazine scans lately on Instagram and they really are starting to quip my curiosity. What is this mags makeup. Is it a hard binded mag like Vogue or Bazaar? What are the pages like, are they durable and are they […]

ELLE Magazine Page paper change question.

good morning. I am looking to procure more back issues of ELLE. I want to make sure however I don’t get the current past number of years. This is because I really don’t like that they changed the page paper. So just a simple one here folks, can anybody tell me the and month/ year […]

Hotel Fashion Fun

This is what happens when Overvogue find himself in a hotel for three days. Finally going to have some fashion fun here.

Adventures of OVERVOGUE

I love to look at the fashion magazines. Vogue, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmo, and the others. My main 3, would have to be ELLE, Vogue and Bazaar I guess.. I don’t just masturbate to these mages, I um actually lay my cock on them and fuck them at times. Other times I […]

More past Womens magazine ramblings

I had been masturbating to my sisters Cosmo’s and Glamours for several years . I was kinda feeling like she was like stupid or something, never once putting the combination together about why sometimes her mags were like they got wet or sometimes pages stuck together. There were other instances I remember at my aunt […]

The Cable Incident (a Glossy magazine fantasy)

The cable incident I worked for a cable contractor in the late 80’s for a couple of years. The jobs were new construction businesses for the most part. On the residence jobs I eventually got to the level of the quality assurance technician who would come to inspect once the job was done. There was […]


MIDNIGHT AMTRAK FASHION MAGAZINE ENCOUNTER In the mid eighties, I had cause to use the northeastern Amtrak corridor between Washington D.C. and Boston at least twice a month. Half the time I was able to decide when I wanted to leave and always would try to take the overnighter back to Boston or Connecticut or […]

OverVogue is back

I have returned to where i can share my adventures again. Maybe some of you will remember my YAHOO groups. looking to fill this forum with material in near future. I will give you my story. PART  1 The beginning    I have had a fetish for women’s fashion magazines since I was a teen. […]