Dec 312016
My new beauties

I was in city center and i meet shop with outdated press in lower prices. I bought few missing issues. My fav is Women’s Health. Cheers!

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Dec 272016

Last night I made love to my wife on the couch and it was positioned so I could see the magazine basket the whole time. I could see 2 Cosmos, a Woman’s Health Elle and Marie Claire. It was hot! she may not know or understand my fetish but at least there are some ways […]

Nov 272016

Hey guys, By the way, I am the one who let the girls on extralunchmoney do the jobs…Wild eva and wet kelly and helena moeller made the videos for me, each approx. 30 $. So nice videos…the girls really understood what i like…and you guys violated my copyright by posting your logins here giving everybody […]

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Nov 202016
Some other Fetish or?

Hi all magazine lovers! I see all of you guys here loving your magazines. But do you have any other fetish besides magazinefetish? For me I have a few. I also have a strong fetish about make-up,  I love watching girls do her make-up and turns out gorgeous. I see my sexual connection to fashion […]

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