Goodbye after 149 Years

Yesterday it was made public that the danish womens magazine Femina, will cease its print edition in 3 months. after 149 years 🙁 and go all digital! Some history will now disappear and Denmark will be a magazine less.

The story behind our names :)

On this site, there are many different people, with different lusts, but we all unite in the love for womens magazines 🙂 But as many different people there are here as many interesting aliases are there in form of our names/aliases here. I wonder what is the story? I am happy to begin. BXV is […]

Telling partner about our fetish for the first time.

Do you remember when you first time came clean towards your partner, and told her about your fetish for her magazines?? I remember clearly that day i did it, but what surprised me the most, was her reaction. She just said “really?” and from the day on we lived out mant of my fantasies, to […]

Bad news! And time for refelction and response

My friends. Today my attention was directed towards madeline ASMR’s new video on youtube  in wiche she in the start and the begining metions some of us, our page and community. But not positive!! She describe us as “wierdoes” and she makes us look like sick perverted people!! As a result I have suggested […]

First time

Hello all my fellow mag-friends 🙂 Does any of you remember the very first time you bought your first womans magazine ? where and when aand where you hid it in your home. My first was in 1996 i noticed a woman in the train who was reading the new Alt for damerne (All for […]

Nice link

If you want to find some good images, here is the place   Nice day to you all 🙂

Do you remember your first pic?

Here is a little funny question. Does any of you remember the first magazinerelated picture you saved from the net to your own computer? I just found my very first picture 🙂 It is funny to see 3000 pictures later. What was your first?? 🙂

Am I the only one?

“Am I the only one?” That is the question I guess we all asked ourselvs when we accepted we had a fetish for womens magazines. How often have we leafed throgh the glossy pages of our mum or wifes magazines in deep secret and had the thought “I am the only one in the whole […]

Ever got caught?

Many of us have had the feeling for women’s magazines since childhood. Did your mothers ever find one of her magazines in your room? and how did she react? My own mother discovered one of her magazines in y room, she asked why i had it, and as a emergency-reply i said “There was an […]