Did someone say Porter?

Someone asked about Porter Magazine and it got me reinterested in my Porter collection, so heres mine!

Getting new issues is the best

I love days like these. Wifey went shopping after dinner. Texted me asking if I needed anything. Listed off some sensible things. Requested 10,000 more magazines. ‘But you already have a million’ Fair enough. She comes home and tosses this issue on my lap, tells me not to cum on it because she wants to […]

Cover or Spread?

Its a constant battle when I jerk off. Are the covers hotter, or is the spread hotter? Im always trying to figure that out. Magazine closed and cover showing, I love holding multiple issues and getting the feeling of it all as I jerk off. They are easy to toss around and smell with little […]

Summer has been good

So I saw the post with everyone talking about the european issues that were super hot. Elle Poland, Red, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Vogue Poland. Well I ordered some through nvm’s recommendation to get through empik. Got the sexy issues that everyone was speaking about. Patiently waited. Got some issues locally in my market and had […]

Recent Collection Additions…

So I recently came across an absolute perfect couple of hauls. Locally I found someone selling a few boxes of amazing magazines that they had been collecting for years. They posted a few pictures and I saw some old Glamour and a few Chatelaine. Figured that the Glamour would make it worth it. Meet up […]

Favourite cummy magazines

Do you guys have your go to cummy magazines? I have a few that I cycle through a few times. I love having a couple go to magazines that I can reliably go cum on. Theyre usually ones that my wife discards easy. Theyre lower print quality so I dont feel bad soaking them in […]

Magazine Grab bag

I posted a few months ago about selling some of my collection. Have a new idea for selling off my precious mags.  Take a look at my website if anyone is interested in buying from my collection http://glossypages.strikingly.com (Fixed link!) How does the idea sound?  I figured it would be a good way of adding […]