National treasue but guilty pleasure.

So in my 40s But at a crossroads. Yeah there’s the Hadids and Jenners etc. But I still find when looking at magazine in the shop my senses still lead me to older women ove had time with over the years. Especially Lorraine. I can still perform for her time amd time again! Without fail. […]

Woman and Ohhhh Magazine

In recent ywasince most magazines have become all arty and ultra feminist. I’ve found woman and home magazine my current number one. Yhe covers, smoothness, smell, cover and fashion editorials quite hot. They never fail to make me burst out of my pants and I never fail them in the amount of gratitude I pour […]

Day alone, means one thing

Got my first day alone in ages. 2 cums down much more to cum….. Never had a Linda Evangelista before. Better late than never. The Self Esteem singer ? Oh my o my. Now on to some of my oldie faves.

Magazine of covers, going!

Ok people. Over recent months and trimming down my magazines I made this one off magazine with loads of covers stuck into the pages where it is text etc. Or nothing amazing. It has old and newer covers in ot. Im open to selling this I’ve had some amazing times with this. It is clean! […]

Favourite sex colour?

Ok another one. Does anyone have like a favorite colour combo on the magazine cover? Eg I’m not a big fan of yellow, Orange or green as in the titles name colour or the story names. But I absolutely love the gold colour. If the model is wearing like a gold dress etc and the […]

Warm or cold??

So as we are in the summer I was wondering. Moments after cleaning up from snagging a lovely mag. There is definitely a difference between in the winter. The magazines are at a fresh room temperature. Quite firm cold on the skin. The pages don’t flap around as much when playing with them in different […]

More than OK!

So I know a while ago we had a moan about OK magazine. So true ot has changed reduced in size the paper type of the cover and inside also. But I mean but. I recently got the chance to have skme fun with these. First the covers are actually very smooth just like More, […]

Old catalogues

Did any of you used to like these when you were younger. I remember, not these ones. But home shopping catalogues around the house. I was never into the lingerie pages. But the pages of full dressed women. I remember some catalogues had celebrity pages. Specifically Jane Seymour and heather locklear plus other dynasty chicks. […]

Anyone like these magazine bags??

I’ve always wanted to try one of these clutch bags with fashion magazine clutch bags. A bit of a magazine bucket list thing. It does not disappoint. Still nice and smooth, smells of woman. Or the one that it on Ebay. I get hard about thinking of her packing and sending this. I hope […]